What’s the Finishing School?

A Finishing School is an accountability group for your bucket list.

You meet once a month and go over progress made on your list of life goals.


What do I have to do to be in one?

There are only two rules:

  1. Every meeting, you need to make at least some progress on at least one goal
  2. If it’s your first meeting, you read your list

Where are they?

We’re just getting off the ground.  So far we have met or will soon meet in the following cities:


I want to start one!

That’s great.  Please contact me, and I’ll set you up with all the advice and instructions you need to get started.  When we get enough going regularly, there will be some communication between the groups from different cities.


How did this start?

After wasting two days of my last “summer break” on facebook, I decided to do something worthwhile.  I got out a list of what I’d do if I never had to work again– things like running a marathon, learning krav maga, learning rock climbing, and reading for pleasure– and started scheduling my day around doing those.

It turned out to be an awesome summer.  I started telling people I met about it, and while most were like “Oh, that’s nice”, a few said “That’s amazing!” and the idea of an accountability group sprung from there.  A few weeks later, we all met on a fall evening at the Zig Zag Cafe in Seattle.

Or, if you want, here’s the full story.


If this sounds interesting, drop me a line and start one in your city!