There’s something you want to do.  Badly.

The habit you want to pick up.  The achievement you want to accomplish.  The skill you want to master.  The dream you want to make a reality.

What do you need to do before you die?

And what’s keeping you from it?

* * *

This is not a motivational speech.  There’s the rest of the blog for that.

This is a sales pitch.  It’s for three different things.  The cheapest thing is less than a buck.  It’s just to test the waters.  The other two are pro.

I call it life goals coaching.

It’s not “life coaching”, vacuous and ill-defined service that it is.  Life goals coaching is you, me, and a goal (or a few goals) of yours.  You talk to me about what you want to do, where you are right now, and what you think is holding you back.  I provide resources, motivation, accountability, and somewhere to bounce ideas off of.

My goal is you accomplishing your goal.

Here, let me tell you a story– or three.

The 99¢ Goal Coach

On your way to the farmer's market… Photo credit: Robert S. Donovan (flickr: booleansplit)

Imagine you are walking down the street to your local farmer’s market.  You’re about to start browsing artisanal cheeses when you notice out of the corner of your eye a weathered man with a 5 o’clock shadow and a cardboard sign: “Life goals advice: 99¢”.

“What’s to lose?” you think you to yourself.  A dollar’s nothin’!  Besides, he looks like he could use the money.

You walk up to him, hand him the dollar, and he says to you, “Tell me what you want to do more than anything.”   OK.  You spill a dream to this stranger.  He asks you a lucid question.  You struggle to respond– you hadn’t thought about that before.  Another question or two and a piece of advice.  That’s it.  He nods– and then you’re off, browsing for your organic kale and your grass-fed whatever.  It was just a brief interaction, and jury’s out if it was life-changing, but you’re thinking about things differently.  You feel like you can do this.

Hm.  That was lucky.

The 99¢ Goal Coach is a one- or two-email interaction where I give you my best quick advice on how to achieve a goal, set a habit, or do something you really want to.  Consider this my cardboard box.

One Hard-Hitting Goals Session

In Minneapolis or wherever… Photo credit: Christian Senger (flickr: christian.senger)

Imagine you’re on a business trip and it’s your first night in like Minneapolis or wherever you don’t know anyone.  Anyways, you go to a restaurant alone.  It’s pretty nice– there’s mood lighting and a cool vibe.  Oh, and there’s definitely this guy sitting at the bar a few seats down from you, and he’s scribbling in his notebook.  He’s probably not a writer– he looks more like a professional (his purple tie matches the light fixtures, so he’s a cool professional)– but he’s pretty into whatever he’s writing, so you ask him about it.

You don’t even remember what he answered, but pretty soon he’s talking about something you really wanted to do– more than anything, actually.  “Hey!” you say.  “That’s something I really want to do– more than anything, actually!”  You pause.  “Let me buy you dinner”.  And you do.  He’s already paid for his drink, so it’s actually pretty cheap.  Good thing he had that drink; he talks for almost an hour.  You’re scribbling down notes on a sheet torn from his notebook as fast as you can– books, speakers, quotes, ideas.  He’s asking you all these questions.  It’s intense and you’re really reinvigorated about this thing you want to do and you have all these ideas.  This is great!

And when you leave the restaurant later that night, you think to yourself how fortuitous it was.  You don’t have all your problems figured out, but he seemed to know a lot.  Minneapolis even seems a bit more like home (for some reason).  And he even mails you this strange, beat-up envelope stuffed with a paperback and a bunch of printouts of stuff he was talking about.

That’s uncommon stuff!

The Hard-Hitting Goal Session is a one-hour video conference with a follow-up email or two.  It's a boatload of advice, information, and feedback with some accountability tacked on.  This is great for bigger challenges in life-- the kind you'd want to sit down and buy a friend dinner so that you could hear his advice.

The Full Goal Program

Does this so-called swami actually even exist?… Photo credit: McKay Savage (flickr: mckay.savage)

Imagine it’s almost sunset and well below freezing already.  Was coming to the Himalayas for some hare-brained pilgrimage really such a good idea?  Does this so-called swami actually even exist?  Even if he does, who’s to say he knows anything if he’s holed up in some hut in these mountains?  Oh– and forget that, what if you freeze to death tonight?

Sadly, you do…

But all that could have been avoided with my Full Goal Program.  The Full Goals Program is for something you really, really, more than anything want to do.  Something that would mean a ton to you, but there’s something blocking you.  You need help.  Advice.  Accountability.  Experience.

The Full Goals Program is not quite like the other two things above it.

This is serious stuff.  It’s so serious, that if you sign up, I’ll make you fill out a questionnaire about your goal(s) to make sure we’re a good fit for working together.  And if for whatever reason, I don’t think I can help you enough to more than justify your time and money, I’ll return your money and you’ll have to find someone else to help you out.  Nothing personal, but I’m not taking your Franklin if I can’t return even more in value.

But if we’re a good fit, then here’s what’ll happen next:

  • 1 hour-long introductory call for talking about what goal or goals you want to focus on, where you’re at, and the answers to your questionnaire
  • 3 more follow-up calls – each 45 minutes or so; usually every other week, though we can vary that as you need
  • 3+ follow-up emails – filled with reminders, extra info, reading material, and other things I need to send you; I will send as many as I need
Basically, this option is full of accountability and follow-up and plenty of face-time.  These are the things that really set it apart from the other two options.  Advice is great and all, but you can find advice from any rando on the street.  But couple cogent opinion with hours of feedback, interaction, and follow-up, and you've got yourself a major boost in doing your awesome thing or setting your awesome habit or whatever it is you're paying me for.

So what am I actually buying?

You want to know what I’m selling?  Here, picture this:

What do you want to do?

Run a marathon.  Lose weight.  Publish a book.  Start a garden.  Build a house.  Walk along the Great Wall.  Get a job.

Great.  How much does this matter to you?  How would you feel if you accomplished this thing?

I’m selling that, but it comes in the form of advice, accountability, feedback, and discussion.  Just add willpower.  Watch it grow.

  • Do you want a quick take on your situation and goal?  Ask the 99¢ Goal Coach!
  • Do you need an in-depth discussion and some follow-up on something that matters quite a bit?  Get One Hard-Hitting Goal Session!
  • Are you looking for major accountability and feedback on a major goal?  Check out the Full Goal Program!