Welcome to The Bucket List Society, a blog about achieving your life goals.

My name is Erik Kennedy, and I sort of run the show around here.  I’m pretty fascinated by the whole idea of life goals, and so I started a blog about them.  In this blog, I talk about my own journey in achieving my goals, strategies that I’ve read, heard about, or experienced for getting awesome things done, and occasionally about people who’ve done other ridiculous things that I think should be shared.

Accomplishing a goal of mine

This whole mess started after I graduated from college.  Realizing I was about to embark on the last summer break of my entire life, I fretted: how should I spend it?  I ended browsing facebook for 48 hours, but then had the good sense to dig up a dusty old list I had composed a while before: my life goals.

For the next month and a half, I structured my entire weekly schedule around working towards the goals that were reasonable to start doing that summer, namely:

  • Run the NYC marathon
  • Learn how to rock climb
  • Learn Krav Maga (an Israeli martial art)
  • Read books for entertainment and education

And you know what?  It was one of the greatest summers of my life.  Soon, I was telling all my friends about my aggressive dream-living-out, and after enough people thought it was a half-decent idea, we started a club: the Finishing School.  You can read more about all of this here and here.  There are two rules to being in the Finishing School:

  1. Create your list of life goals
  2. Do at least some work on at least one goal every month

Now, I write on this blog nights and weekends.  Most of what is here is one of a few categories:

  • Strategies and motivation for getting stuff done.  Doing your life goals takes a lot of work, but psychology is here to help, so I quote it a lot.  And I’ll talk about what’s worked for me or other readers.  It should be pretty useful!
  • Profiles in awesomeness.  This is where I talk about the disgustingly prolific, the ridiculously broad, and the all-around fascinating people that have come before us.  I think it holds a lot of potential in inspiring and teaching us how we can accomplish our own goals.
  • BLS How-to’s.  Yup, a lot of goals of readers here are pretty similar.  Lots of people want to write a book, start a business, or design/build a house, for instance.  Whenever there’s a cool or useful skill that might help you all get one step closer to your goals, I’ll write up a quick thing about what I– or the occasional guest blogger– knows in that area.

Hope that gives you an idea of what there is around here.  Drop me a line if you want to see something else.

All the best,
Erik Kennedy